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Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is a versatile solution which enables conferences to be shared with remote locations. With this solution both multipoint real time communications are possible as well as multicast communications from one sender to many receivers. With this solution, several geographically dispersed locations can receive data streams of text based messages, voice and video chat simultaneously.

Smooth and uninterrupted conference between multiple locations

There are innumerable benefits of web conferencing which can be enjoyed by a wide range of businesses/enterprises. The applications of this solution include meetings, training sessions, presentations, lectures and so on from any computer. This solution also enables smooth and uninterrupted slide show presentations, VoIP calling, live or streaming video, text chat and so on between multiple locations, however remote they may be.

Need for full-fledged technology partner

One of the problems that you can face when the right service provider is not chosen for this solution is lack of availability of last mile connectivity for remote locations. This can force you to opt for multiple vendors and increase costs. A service provider which cannot act as a full-fledged technology partner for all your needs is not the right choice. A service provider which cannot act as a one stop shop for all your communication, IT technology and data related needs is not the right choice.

Best web conferencing across India

VIVA Communications offers you the best web conferencing solutions because we are a Category ‘A’ ISP license holder and this allows us to provision bandwidth across India, including Chennai, Bangalore and Pune. We partner with all the leading telcos and buy their bandwidth in wholesale. This allows us to provide better SLAs than the telcos themselves because we pass the SLAs that we receive to our clients. We understand your requirements much better because we are a service provider and not a core infrastructure provider. With our solutions you will never encounter feasibility problems. We provide the most efficient support services and are always just a call away.