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Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a technology that is used for transmission of voice communications and other multimedia data over the internet. This ensures that the communication costs of a business/enterprise are cut significantly because it is much cheaper than traditional PSTN charges and can effectively reduce the communication overheads involved.

All businesses, small and big can benefit from these solutions which ensure cost effective and efficient communication capabilities.

Need for reliable service providers and infrastructure

Uninterrupted communications are critical for all businesses/enterprises and choosing the right service provider is the only way to ensure this. There is no room for compromise when it comes to reliability and security, which can only be guaranteed by choosing the best service provider with adequate infrastructure and operational capabilities.

Affordable voice communications solutions

VIVA communications is a pioneer in providing affordable communications solutions for a variety of needs with our services spread across Chennai, Bangalore and Pune. With our VoIP calls solutions we can ensure that your business enjoys the lowest cost without any compromise in quality when it comes to domestic calls, cross country calls and international calling.

Our solutions come with many advantages because they are customized for your specific needs, practical and simple to implement. We do not charge any complicated equipment lease charges or maintenance charges. We offer unlimited long distance calling options without having to set aside dedicated calling circuits. We offer web-based administration options which greatly reduce the IT time required for this purpose.