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Video bridging/ Open Video architecture

Video bridging and open video architecture solutions are ideal for dealing with interoperability problems between all parties taking part in the video conference. Video bridging also allows the person controlling the conference to switch between participants. The bridge, which is connected to the internet, smoothes out video transitions and ensures users get a smooth real time conferencing experience.

High quality video conferencing without interruptions

Businesses/ enterprises which require high quality video conferencing capabilities without the hassles of interoperability issues can benefit from this solution. Large corporate offices which regularly need to interact and video conference between employees and clients located in different geographical areas, colleges and educational institutions which need to communicate with students located in different places, hospitals and health care providers who need to video conference with remotely located patients and personnel and so on can all benefit a great deal from these solutions.

Need for cost effective and well equipped services

To ensure that your business/enterprise enjoys the maximum advantages of this solution, choose a service provider which has effective solutions for all the common problems faced in this front like prohibitive costs, interoperability issues (switching between IP and ISDN networks) and geographical regulatory issues. A service provider which does not effectively address all these problems is the wrong choice to make.

Versatile and efficient hosted bridging solutions

VIVA Communications offers versatile and efficient hosted bridging solutions that can work with any type of video infrastructure, be it IP or ISDN, while also working with all proprietary technologies. Our solutions ensure quality multi-party interaction with uncompromised user experiences. Our solutions are network neutral while being open and secure. With our solutions your investments are also very minimal and you pay as per your usage on an hourly basis for the hosted video infrastructure and not a high fixed cost.