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VIVA VoIP service provider
Internet leased line Chennai, Bangalore, Pune
VIVA Communication
International calling

Video bridging

This is a set of technologies which is used to ensure compatibility and connectivity between different types of video conferencing architecture/infrastructure. With these solutions it is possible to video conference between multiple points without compatibility issues.

Video conferencing with multiple locations

Any business/enterprise which requires the capability to video conference with multiple locations using different video infrastructures and different network architectures can benefit from these services. Businesses which need the capacity to conference face to face with personnel across different parts of the Globe which use different types of technology like IP and ISDN can benefit, especially industries like IT, education (for lectures and seminars), Health care (for consultation and training) and so on.

Importance of infrastructure and technologies

It is very important to choose the best possible services for this solution because a service provider which does not have the infrastructure and capability to ensure inter-operability between networks and technologies will be limiting and ineffective. Service providers which require high investments in equipment etc. are also not a good choice.

IP broadcasting and digital signage solutions

VIVA communications offers businesses/enterprises uncompromising connectivity with video data transmission capability through our video bridging solutions. We also offer IP broadcasting and digital signage solutions which are customized to fit a variety of needs both general and specific across varying fields and industries. Our solutions enable businesses to enjoy video conferencing with multiple points across the globe and experience seamless connectivity across any type of video infrastructure, IP or ISDN.

Our solutions are designed to ensure inter-operability and multiparty interaction with uncompromised user experiences and they are also open and secure. Unified communication solutions with simple operation and practical applications are assured with our bridging solutions which are also specifically tailored to ensure cost savings for our customers. Our customers are not subjected to any large investments or high fixed costs as our billing model is pay per use on an hourly basis.