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SIP Trunking

This is a VoIP and media streaming service based on Session initiation Protocol (SIP) and a SIP trunk is used by Internet Telephony service providers to connect to traditional PSTN networks without using bundles of wires and increasing costs involved. Businesses / enterprises equipped with IP-PBX facilities can use SIP Trunking as the best solution for cost effective and unified communications outside the enterprise.

Voice, video and data communication

All businesses, both big and small, can benefit from SIP Trunking solutions because this is the most cost effective way to communicate with the outside world. Any business/enterprise which requires voice, video and data communication capabilities can benefit from our customized solutions.

Reliability of Business communication equipment

SIP Trunking essentially forms the bridge between the communications equipment of your business/enterprise and the PSTN network which in turn will enable you to communicate cost effectively with the outside world. Interoperability issues and security issues can be a challenge. It is vitally important to choose the right service provider because there is no room for compromise on reliability or connectivity.

Flexible SIP Trunking solutions

VIVA Communications offers the most flexible SIP Trunking solutions for your specific needs. With our solution, you can maximize not only the flexibility of your IP-PBX equipment but also maximize capacity. Our solution gives you a unified communication solution by enabling the collaboration between you and your service provider to include voice and video communications. Our solution offers consolidation of network connections and empowers you to interconnect between data centers easily.