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Secured/Managed VoIP

We live in an age where secure and cost effective communications are very important for all businesses/enterprises. A network which is not specifically designed for security is not the best choice you can make for your business. VIVA communications offers secured/managed VoIP solutions within a secure network to give you the best calling experience without any compromise on the security of your calls / data communications.

Ideal for small and big businesses

Any business/enterprise, big or small, which requires secure and good quality VoIP services will benefit from this. Uncompromising security of communications is of added importance to businesses like financial/investment companies, research and development organizations, governmental offices, software development corporations and so on.

Security assurance

Complete and end to end security assurance can only be given when the capability of the service provider meets the client’s requirements. Vendors who are re-sellers of VoIP services cannot give you this assurance because of lack of capability and this is not the best choice you can make.

Secured/managed VoIP solutions

VIVA communications offers you secured/ managed VoIP solutions which ensure both the security of your voice and data communications and the quality of the calling experience. With us you can be sure of the quality of services provided because we understand your requirements and provide customized solutions, we are not simply resellers of VoIP services but we run your traffic through a separate and secure internet connection. We also provide additional firewalling for VoIP traffic and authenticate users to enhance the security of your communications. You can enjoy efficient and cost effective communications and complete peace of mind about the security of your VoIP calls too.