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Room Conferencing

Normal video conferencing systems are basically designed for person to person communication only but room based video conferencing is the ideal solution for group to group conferencing which requires multiple groups of personnel to interact. This solution allows you to conduct face to face group meetings more quickly, efficiently and effectively and it is also more appropriate for business meetings of a formal nature (like client meetings and presentations) which require high quality audio and video.

High quality video conferencing

Many businesses/enterprises which require high quality video conferencing capabilities without the hassles involved can benefit from this solution. Because of the high quality video conferencing infrastructure provided with this solution, formal and high level business meetings can easily be conducted even when they involve multiple parties located across the globe. This solution is great for client meetings and product presentations because of the high quality experience it offers.

Need for quality video infrastructure

There are many problems you can encounter when the right service provider is not chosen such as lack of high quality video infrastructure, lack of reliable and robust infrastructure and lack of interoperability in the video infrastructure provided. For your business/enterprise to reap the full benefits of this solution, choose the right service provider which can provide you with high quality video infrastructure.

Easy to implement room conferencing solutions

Room conferencing solutions from VIVA Communications are the best choice you can make because our room-based video conferencing solutions come with very high quality infrastructure that is reliable and scalable for any future changes in requirements. Our solutions are interoperable with most other industry standard video infrastructure and compatible with video bridging services as well. We offer easy connectivity, consistent capacity and reliability for high-quality multi-party conferencing. Our solutions come with fixed end-point costs and there aren’t any recurring expenses in this infrastructure, except when you want to use bridging.