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Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM)

Remote Infrastructure Management or RIM is a great solution which empowers businesses/enterprises to utilize the maximum potential of the IT department by allowing the department to focus on innovation and achieving goals. This is done by outsourcing the day to day IT operations task of administration and management of IT infrastructure including workstations, servers, network devices, IT storage devices and security devices.

Versatile option for all businesses

All businesses/enterprises, irrespective of whether they are small or big, which require support for operations like service desk/help desk, proactive monitoring of network devices and servers, workstation management, data storage management, server management, applications support and IT security management can benefit greatly from this solution. This solution is a versatile option for all businesses which need to maximize IT productivity.

Scalable and flexible solutions with support service

Every business/enterprise has unique IT management needs and only a service provider with the capability of providing scalable and flexible solutions including selective support services can be a good choice. Service providers which offer limited and inflexible service packages cannot ensure that your business/enterprise gets the maximum benefits of outsourcing IT infrastructure management.

RIM solutions for every need

The RIM solutions offered by VIVA Communications are a scalable, configurable suite of services to help you administer your server environment more efficiently and cost-effectively - on your own premises or from a remote facility. We provide a hybrid delivery approach by leveraging global resource cost advantages while at the same time maintaining the local presence you require. Our services range from selective out - tasking to comprehensive management solutions, including monitoring and management for servers, storage, network and middle - ware. We also support leading vendors that provide high availability products to optimize your IT and information infrastructure.