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Mobility solutions

Mobility solutions include providing businesses and enterprises with greater flexibility when it comes to carrying out business processes from outside the office. These solutions include mobile data access across devices through cloud data storage and freedom to access and manipulate data from anywhere. This is a recent shift in business trends which has been proven to improve productivity. Mobility and seamless connectivity in terms of communication capability from anywhere across the Globe is a very important need in today’s business scenario.

For enterprise collaboration needs

International travel for business purposes is no longer a rare occurrence reserved only for top level personnel. Most businesses/enterprises require collaboration between offices located across different countries and increasingly larger numbers of personnel are required to travel often and access data from multiple locations. All businesses which aim to improve productivity by offering employees greater flexibility of working hours and businesses/enterprises which require the capacity to access and manipulate data from outside the workplace can benefit from these solutions.

Need for secure and reliable services

One of the biggest problems faced when choosing the wrong service provider for these solutions is the lack of security and reliability. For reliable and secure connectivity and uninterrupted service, it is vital to choose the best service provider in the business.

Cost effective mobility solutions

VIVA Communications offers versatile and cost effective mobility solutions including international roaming solutions and international SIM card which give our customers assured connectivity and substantial cost savings. Our solutions can greatly increase the convenience of international business travelers while keeping communication costs in check.

Our solutions are not restricted to a limited number of countries but cover more than 200 countries so that our clients are not limited in any way when it comes to international travel. To increase convenience and make operations more end user friendly our solutions include a number of advantages like one mobile number across all countries, no separate connectivity or roaming charges for different countries, superimposition of existing mobile and landline numbers on the International SIM, data services in addition to mobility at a very cost effective price and so on.