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Mobile Voice Recording

The mobile voice recording solution allows users to record, index and store all important calls. Calls which are received and calls which are initiated can be recorded and stored. This solution is of great value for future referential and record keeping.

Effective verbal communications record keeping

All businesses/enterprises which need efficient record keeping of verbal communications can benefit from this intuitive solution. This feature packed solution allows clients to effectively record all important conversations and log them efficiently for easy future reference and this can be invaluable for a wide variety of businesses including financial companies, insurance companies, markets and trading floors and so on.

High quality voice recording

One of the important concerns in the implementation of this solution is seamless and high quality voice recording without any noticeable drop in voice quality or voice/call delays when the recording is on. When the right service provider is not chosen for this solution there can be tell tale signs of the recording which can defeat the very purpose for which this solution is sought.

Easy to use Mobile voice recording solutions

VIVA communications with a growing presence in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune offers the most intuitive and easy to use mobile voice recording solutions for your specific needs. Our seamless deployment of innovation and technology can ensure that all your important calls are recorded in high quality audio and logically indexed and stored for your future reference. We offer a range of additional attractive features to ensure your convenience is not compromised in any way.