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Managed Voice / Data

The Managed Voice/ Data services we provide include unified communication solutions for both voice and data transmissions as opposed to separate service providers for each of these. This solution is ideal for many businesses/enterprises which would otherwise have more to contend with multiple service providers and multiple bills. This solution allows personnel to focus on their core competencies.

Managing business communication

A large variety of businesses/ enterprises can benefit from this solution because it gives personnel the freedom to move away from mundane tasks such as managing communications and gives them more time to focus on the core business. Financial and banking institutions, IT businesses, governmental organizations, educational institutions, hospitals and so on can enjoy many advantages by opting for managed services.

Quality of audio communication

By choosing different service providers for voice and data the problems that can be faced are inefficient utilization of available bandwidth. No single service provider is responsible for audio quality and this can lead to compromise in audio communications. Not choosing the right service provider for the job can mean a significant increase in the costs involved because of multiple billing.

Voice and data communications

VIVA communications offers Voice and data communications as a single managed solution to ensure that your business/enterprise enjoys the maximum benefits of unified and managed communication solutions. The infrastructure we provide comes with backup lines for the Internet and automatic failover and switching of SIP infrastructure as the voice connectivity backup. Our partnership with multiple inter-connects and telco companies enable us to ensure this. We also offer you the convenience of paying a single bill based on the number of audio lines provided.