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Managed Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows multiple parties at multiple locations to conduct a real time and face to face conference by simultaneous and two way transmission of both audio and video communications. Managed Video conferencing is a very convenient service where the service provider manages or controls the conferencing and ensures a smooth experience for users and also offers additional useful features.

Seamlessly connect multiple personnel located at different locations

All businesses which require the capability to meet with multiple personnel located at different locations across the globe can benefit from this technology. It is not always feasible for all parties to travel to a common location because of time and cost factors involved but this solution can empower personnel to meet face to face and converse in real time from their own current locations. Educational institutions, hospitals, government offices, Businesses which cater to clients across the globe, financial institutions and so on can benefit from this solution.

Need for uninterrupted video and audio streaming

This solution is based on technology that depends on the availability of fast and uninterrupted internet access. It is vitally important to choose the right service provider for this because the technical capabilities of the service provider will decide the user experience. Such conferencing can only be successful if the video and audio streaming is fast enough to match real time and uninterrupted.

Customized communications solutions

VIVA communications, whose services in Chennai, Pune and Bangalore have a real impact in providing customized communications solutions to businesses, offers end to end managed video conferencing solutions as an integrated play of Network, customer premise hardware and bridge services. You are assured of Hi-Definition video clarity and an easy to use service which comes with a flexible pay per use costing model and 24/7 customer support.