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What are managed services?

Day to day operations which are tedious and expensive are outsourced to a managed service provider (MSP) which takes responsibility for the smooth operations of these processes. This can include IT infrastructure management, network management, data management, storage, security, 24/7/365 monitoring, help desk/support desk services and so on.

Managed services

For all business requirements

Managed services are extremely useful for enterprise level companies and also small and medium sized businesses. These services can also prove invaluable for larger businesses as the Value-added reseller (VAR) community is constantly evolving with time and providing higher levels of service to various businesses in an increasing number of fields including IT, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing and so on.

Customized managed services

These services must be customized to suit individual needs and it is important to choose only an experienced service provider that can analyze individual needs specifically and provide solutions based on an in-depth understanding of the customer’s needs.

Wide range of managed services

VIVA communications offers a wide range of managed services including managed and hosted voice and data solutions for all needs. Our versatile solutions are designed to cater to the individual needs of our customers and we can ensure optimization of data networks and communication capabilities for any small or medium business/enterprise.

Our managed services, available across Chennai, Bangalore and Pune, can give your business/enterprise an edge over the competition because of the many advantages we offer. Reliability and seamless connectivity which are critical to successful business processes are assured with our host of managed services. Our solutions offer integrated voice and data management so that you do not have to deal with different vendors for different services. Unified billing is also a benefit you can enjoy. We ensure continuous monitoring of the networks and instantaneous message generation in case any problems are detected. We also provide failsafe switchover in case of connection failure and instant connectivity to the backup connection.