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IP Broadcasting

IP broadcasting solutions offer businesses the capability of live video streaming over the internet. This can be viewed simultaneously by any number of users with the help of nothing but a browser. This differs from podcasting in the sense that a podcast can be stored in the internet and viewed at any time whereas broadcasting refers to live streaming.

Broadcasting solutions

Businesses/enterprises which require broadcasting solutions for purposes such as investor relations presentations such as annual general meetings, E-learning sessions, Seminars and product presentations can benefit from this capability. This solution can be equally beneficial for both small and big businesses/enterprises which require the capability to steam live video for many viewers across many locations.

Need for effective and uninterrupted video streaming

For this solution to be deployed effectively, uninterrupted and real time video streaming must be supported by the right internet connectivity service provider. Choosing a service provider which does not have the capability to provide connectivity that can support the streaming without buffering and latency problems or a service provider which lacks the required infrastructure to support real time streaming or a service provider which does not offer scalability built into the solution provided can be the wrong choice to make.

IP broadcasting solutions

The IP broadcasting solutions offered by VIVA Communications assures you of flawless live streaming capability. The solution we offer is a fully distributed architecture that provides massive scalability without posing any limitations on the number of users accessing the broadcast. Our solution also offers TV-quality broadcasts with shortened transit routes to ensure the delivering of live broadcasts instantly. Our solution gives you the added advantage of easy implementation with minimal hardware and fast setup and it can be implemented in any scenarios with either a single camera or multiple cameras.