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Internet Leased Line

This is a premium internet connectivity product offered by internet service providers and it consists of a dedicated line as opposed to the shared DSL or ADSL lines. This is a solution which offers two way or symmetrical high speed connectivity and superior reliability because the line is not shared between multiple users.

Uncompromising reliability and high speed

All businesses which require high speed internet connectivity with uncompromising reliability can benefit greatly from this solution. Financial institutions, advertising businesses, stock broking firms, media companies, IT businesses, government offices, educational institutions, hospitals, manufacturing industries and so on can enjoy many advantages with such a dedicated line.

Need for reliable service providers

It is important to choose a reliable service provider to get reliable service. Never take the risk of choosing a service provider which does not have adequate vendor capacity because this can affect the speed and reliability of your connection and defeat the entire purpose of the connection.

Versatile Internet leased line solutions

The internet leased line solutions provided by VIVA Communications can empower your business with reliable high speed connectivity that never falters. We fully understand the needs of businesses and enterprises which are on the fast track to growth and expansion. Our solutions have the flexibility and versatility to change with your changing needs and we also offer a host of services and applications to support your growing needs and ensure your business enjoys the maximum benefits of a dedicated line.