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International Voice

Our international voice solutions include mobile solutions that are designed to give you uncompromising connectivity at the lowest possible rates wherever you are traveling across the world. Our solutions include both pre-paid and post-paid SIM cards. The pre-paid SIm gives you the advantage of no roaming charges, no bills and no conditions and empowers you to completely control your communications budget.

Unsurpassed convenience for International business travelers

These solutions can prove to be very beneficial cost wise and very convenient execution wise for all international business travelers. The versatility of the solutions offered ensures that every international business traveler has the freedom to choose the most convenient and cost effective solutions according to needs. Every business/enterprise which requires traveling abroad can enjoy great benefits by opting for these solutions.

Calls routing complexities

When the right service provider is not chosen for this solution you run the risk of increasing the costs involved. Choosing a service provider which does not have the capability of routing calls optimally to reduce costs is not the best choice to make. A service provider which does not have a worldwide presence can increase the costs you are paying because of a lack of availability.

International voice solutions

VIVA communications is undisputedly the best choice you can make for international voice solutions because we ensure that you enjoy uncompromising connectivity at the lowest possible cost. Our innovative CLIENT+ software removes the need for the complex call handling procedures, it is designated to optimally reroute the calls initiated from the mobile phone depending on the user location, network connection and destination number dialed. VIVA CLIENT+ identifies the optimal network connection for each call and allows seamless roaming between WiFi & cellular networks (optional). It removes the need for the complicated callback and call-through procedures enabling users to dial directly from their phonebook, SIM memory, or simply key in the number while the entire process is handled behind the scenes. Our solutions are seamlessly and smoothly integrated into the existing organizations and users enjoy all the benefits of an affordable office communications environment wherever they are.