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International Roaming SIM

An international roaming SIM is a mobile phone SIM card that can work not only in the home country of the user but also in many other foreign countries by connecting to whichever network it can detect (and that has an agreement with the home network service provider). This is a very convenient and cost effective solution for frequent world travelers as it empowers the user to use their own mobile phone at significantly reduced costs than international calling charges.

One solution across the globe

Today the world has shrunk into a Global Village where international boundaries do not matter in the work environment. Many businesses/enterprises cater to clients across the globe and also have multiple offices/partnerships located across the globe. This has led to necessity of many employees travelling across the globe frequently. All frequent world travelers can be benefited a great deal with an International roaming SIM which allows users to use the same number and mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Wide coverage of numerous countries

Choosing the wrong service provider for this solution can mean a great increase in the costs involved and also a reduction in the convenience and features enjoyed. A service provider which does not cover many countries or requires you to change your number according to the country you are visiting is not the best choice. Also a service provider which does not give you added features like the capability to superimpose your existing local numbers on the SIM or call forwarding facilities is not a good choice.

Efficient, convenient and cost effective International roaming SIM solutions

International roaming SIM solutions by VIVA Communications are the best choice you can make because our solution gives you the freedom to use the same number in over 200 countries and enjoy the maximum cost benefits. Our solution also gives you great features like superimposition of your existing mobile and landline numbers on the international SIM. You need not share this number with everyone either because calling your local numbers will allow the call to get patched through to your international number and give you the freedom of choice. We also offer data services in addition to calling at a significantly lower rate and do not charge a connection fee for different countries visited.