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Hosting/ Colocation

Businesses/ enterprises which require the features and convenience of a large in-house IT department without the costs involved can make the best of these services. Here you can place your dedicated server machine in the service provider’s rack and share the bandwidth available as your own. Locating and maintaining such complicated machinery/equipment on your premises can be an expensive proposition but this solution allows you to cost effectively enjoy the same features.

Cost effective and secure data storage solutions

Businesses/enterprises which are on the path to growth and require cost effective and secure data storage facilities with 24/7 back up can benefit from this solution. Locating and maintaining such complicated and critical equipment on premises can be a huge addition to existing overheads and growing businesses can cut these costs by opting for this solution.

The need of the hour – Reliable service providers

In the case of hosting/ collocation solutions, your precious equipment with all the critical data pertaining to your business/enterprise is located on the premises provided by the service provider. This makes it all the more important that you choose the most reliable service provider which can assure you of complete 24,7 back up power and ideal conditions for equipment location.

Customized Hosting/ colocation solutions

The hosting/ colocation solutions provided by VIVA Communications are fully customized to suit your specific needs to perfection. We provide dedicated collocation rooms with advanced power and cooling facilities, 24/7 emergency power backup generators, redundant systems and hardware. Our state of the art facilities are the safest and most cost effective colocation option you can choose.