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Frequently Asked Questions

Is VoIP legal in India?

Ans: Yes. A VoIP service from a licensed Indian internet telephony service provider is absolutely legal.

Why should I pay for VoIP when there is so much FREE stuff available on the net?

Ans: While there are many so called FREE services available on the internet, almost all of them consume bandwidth which is generally 3-4 times higher than the consumption of VIVA’s VoIP. Moreover, almost all of them work only with the help of a computer. If you calculate the cost of additional bandwidth & investment on hardware, it would become far more expensive than paying for your VoIP. 

How safe is my conversation on VIVA’s VoIP lines?

Ans: Unlike the FREE stuff available on the Internet, the entire infrastructure that VIVA has deployed is as per DoT regulations and complies with highest safety standards, offering you a safe usage.

What is VoIP?

Ans: VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. As the term suggests, it is a communication service that carries voice on the Internet.

What do I need in order to use VIVA’s VoIP service?

Ans: An Internet connection & a subscription to one of VIVA’s user-friendly plans.

How will VIVA’s VoIP work in offices?

Ans: Just like how it works at home. We use the existing Internet facilities available in offices to deploy a VoIP line.

Can I make calls to anywhere in the world?

Ans: Yes. If you buy just minutes, you can call anywhere in the world. If you buy country specific plans (US, UK, Canada etc.), calls are possible only to those countries.

Can I make calls to mobile phones?

Ans: Yes. Can I call someone who is not using VIVA VoIP service ? Ans: Yes. With VIVA VoIP, you can call any phone number that you can call via a traditional phone line. If the number you call is a VIVA number then the call is absolutely free of charge, all calls to other standard phone lines are charged on a per minute basis.

Can I use the service during power outages?

Ans: Yes. If you have an UPS that powers the Internet router & device, then it is possible to use the service.

Do I need a computer in order to use VIVA’s VoIP service?

Ans: No. If you have an IP phone or an ATA, you don’t need a computer.

Why do I have poor voice quality at times?

Ans: The quality of this service is dependent on your bandwidth connection. If you have a reasonably high speed Internet, you can enjoy voice quality on par with traditional POTS.

Can I have a conferencing facility on VIVA’s VoIP lines?

Ans. Yes. You can do a three party conferencing.

Can my existing telephone handsets be connected to the service?

Ans: Existing analogue telephones handsets can be connected to the service using an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adapter). Simply plug in your telephone and broadband line into the adapter and you are ready to make calls.

What are the other services available from VIVA?

Ans: VIVA stands for Voice, Internet & Video Anywhere. As the name suggests, we have products & solutions that benefit people who want to TALK, SEE & CONNECT. We provide services on both voice & data for individuals and businesses.

Is VIVA the least expensive service in the market?

Ans: Not necessarily. We firmly believe people pay for quality service and mean it. Quality & customization of services are what differentiates us.

What are the terms for cancellation?

Ans: Once subscribed, customers have to use the minimum service for a period of one month within which no refunds will be made. Customers are required to serve a notice period of minimum one month prior to the requested termination date.

What is the validity of my account/minutes?

Ans: All plans of VIVA are monthly subscriptions. Validity is for a period of 30 days or full consumption whichever is earlier.

Will you replace faulty equipments?

Ans: Yes. VIVA’s phones come with a replacement warranty of one year. Within this period, if the phones or other equipments are found to have manufacturing defects, the same will be replaced at no additional cost.

Can I buy VIVA’s service online?

Ans: Yes. You can buy VIVA's service online.