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Hosting/ Enterprise Cloud services

Enterprise cloud solutions are the delivery of computing services as a service rather than as a product. Resources are shared to achieve better economies of scale and the solution relies on the convergence of infrastructure and shared services. This enables the maximization of resource utilization and cost effective business strategies.

Expanding and optimizing IT utilization

Businesses/enterprises which require IT services that can dynamically cater to growing and changing needs can benefit from this solution. Given the current market trends and the rapidly expanding IT utilization in businesses and enterprises, most IT departments are completely tied up simply keeping up with the demand and staying operational. This leaves them no time for innovation and for meeting user needs faster and more effectively. The could computing solution effectively eliminates this problem and therefore benefits all types of businesses a great deal.

Importance of flexible services

It is important to choose the right service providers for this solution because flexibility and cost related problems can otherwise arise. Security, compatibility with existing applications, lack of migration paths from existing applications to the cloud facility and lack of SLAs for policy based management are all problems that are faced when you do not choose the right service provider.

Cloud computing solutions for all needs

VIVA Communications offers the most versatile and flexible suite of cloud computing solutions to cater to the needs of all kinds of businesses. We offer an assurance of security and provide ease to use and customizable cloud interfaces which can deliver high performance, cost savings and scalability according to your needs.