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Digital Signage

Digital signage comprises of remote controlled playback of digital content on networks of display devices. The content can range from text to TV programs to menus to advertising to every other kind of information. The display devices can range from large billboards and “jumbotrons” to small screens. The display devices can be located either at a single location or across multiple locations.

Content display solutions

A large variety of businesses/enterprises can benefit from this solution. It can effectively be implemented as networks of displays across financial institutions like banks and stock markets (announcing exchange rates and so on), retail settings, educational institutions like universities and colleges, hospitals and healthcare facilities, public offices, corporate offices, hotels and restaurants, entertainment complexes and so on.

Application integration complexities

It is important to choose the right service provider for the effective implementation of this solution because making the wrong choice can lead to problems like lack of centralized control and management, lack of support for different forms of content such as TV and text and also give rise to a need for application integration at every stage, which can complicate processes. Choosing the right service provider can help you avoid all these problems.

Versatile and scalable digital signage solutions

VIVA Communications with its robust presence in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune offers versatile and scalable digital signage solutions with a centralized content manager. We also provide adequate support for content creation using different templates and offer you the flexibility to schedule content by screen time or location with high definition images included. You can also enjoy the convenience of interruptive distribution by including scroll messages. Our solution can easily integrate with existing in-house applications as well as take in RSS feeds. Signage players attached to the display systems also store the content and display it locally with the ability to pull live data like RSS feeds without going through the content manager.