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Desktop Conferencing

Desktop conferencing refers to the process by which multiple personnel can use a personnel computer to teleconference or video conference. The hardware and software required for this is usually basic and a PC with webcam and microphone is all that is required along with a video conferencing service. Live audio and video feeds are streamed allowing the participants to see and hear all other participants.

Hassle free solution for regular meetings and interaction

This solution is versatile and easy to use and it is invaluable for all businesses/enterprises where personnel located across a wide range of locations will need to meet and interact regularly. All types of businesses/enterprises which find that transporting personnel to a common meeting place is prohibitively expensive can take advantage of the benefits of this easy to implement solution. It is well suited for purposes and applications such as regular sales meetings, training sessions, presentations, project update meetings and so on.

Need for high end infrastructure and availability problems

Lack of availability (of technology and last mile connectivity) and lack of high end infrastructure can be the major problems faced when the right service provider is not chosen for this solution. The quality of the services provided can be compromised and this can compromise the experience of the conferencing participants. These are the reasons why you must ensure that you only choose the right service provider to fulfill this requirement.

Desktop conferencing solutions par excellence

VIVA Communications, serving businesses in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune, is the best choice you can make as our desktop conferencing solution addresses all common issues and works on a per-user-per-month model. Our solution effectively removes the entry barrier and makes it easy for our customers to make the best of this solution. We offer point-to-point and multi-party video conferencing on demand with telephone like dialling experience. Our solution comes with fully interactive video that is fast and clear up to 30 frames per second and it works on standard hardware and supports multi-party PC audio.