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Data network services

These services include data storage and manipulation, internet connectivity, wireless connectivity and communications capability solutions and so on. These services ensure that your data networking operations which form the backbone of your business/enterprise are always operating at optimal levels with minimal disruptions.

Efficient data storage and manipulation capabilities

Technology is one of the most important factors governing today’s business practices and this is supported by efficient data storage and manipulation. Given this fact, all businesses/enterprises can benefit from these services irrespective of scale of operations or field of operations. Large scale businesses especially can benefit greatly with the help of these services which can add to operational efficiency and cost efficiency of business processes.

Need for secure data storage and manipulation

One of the most common problems faced when the right service provider is not chosen is compromised connectivity. Only a service provider with adequate infrastructural capabilities and expertise in the field can ensure that your business receives the best services where reliable and secure data storage and manipulation is concerned without any disruptions in connectivity.

VIVA – Data network services

VIVA communications offers versatile solutions for all connectivity needs through data network service solutions and our services are available across Chennai, Bangalore and Pune. The advantages of choosing our solutions include significant cost savings and easy implementation of simple solutions which really add to the efficiency of your business/enterprise. We also customize the solutions provided to meet individual specifications and ensure maximum cost savings along with enhanced performance efficiency. We provide intuitive and customized solutions like broadband, internet leased lines, MPLS VPN/ IPVPN and WiFi solutions for all needs across a range of industries including education, medicine and health care, government, corporate companies and so on.