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Centrex is derived from “central” and “exchange” and it provides all the functionality of a private exchange or PBX for businesses/enterprises, without any switching equipment actually being located on the premises. All the equipment is located with the service provider and even the call switching takes place at the premises of the service provider.

The ideal solution for effective business communications

A variety of businesses can benefit from these services. Small businesses can benefit from the cost savings accrued and large businesses like banks and financial institutions can use this solution for effective communications between branch offices and within multi-departmental branches. This solution is ideal for businesses which have a large number of connections and extensions required like professional offices, government offices, colleges and educational institutions, hospitals, hotels and guest houses and even temporary offices like campaign offices where setting up a permanent PBX is impractical.

The right Centrex service provider

Choosing the right service provider is an important concern here because making the wrong choice could compromise the quality of services you receive and also increase the costs involved. There is no room for compromise when it comes to the quality of the equipment used and also the reliability and connectivity of the service.

Global Centrex solutions for all needs

The Global Centrex solutions VIVA Communications offers is the best choice you can make for many reasons. Our solutions come with flexible architecture to ensure complete customization according to your needs and high fault tolerance. Your business can enjoy all the features of an in-house PBX system without any of the expenses or maintenance hassles involved. We offer a full suite of features like call holding, call transfer, last number look-up, number redialing and intelligent call routing and multi-party conferencing.