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Broadband/Campus WiFi/RF/FFTH

The term broadband usually refers to a high speed internet access connection which is always on and much faster than a dial up connection. Campus WiFi refers to wireless internet access available across a large area to include an entire institution/enterprise like a college or hospital or corporate premises. FTTH or fiber to the home is the delivery of internet services all the way to the home or business directly from the service providers equipment to the client’s premises through fiber optic cable thus doing away with copper telephone wires.

Internal and external business communications simplified

Almost all businesses/enterprises these days depend on internet connectivity a great deal for both internal and external processes. Every business/enterprise, small or big, can benefit hugely from a fast and reliable internet connection that can also be accessed easily from multiple points across the premises. Broadband solutions offer both speed and reliability which are hugely beneficial for all types of businesses/enterprises.

Inevitability of reliable service

We live in the age of the internet and given how widely dependent we are on a fast and reliable internet connection there is absolutely no room for compromise here. Reliability is one of the most common problems faced when the wrong service provider is chosen. Lack of proper service quality due to the lack of service provider capacity is also another common problem and a robust technology infrastructure with minimal maintenance requirements is a must.

Network communications Solutions in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune

VIVA communications with our acknowledged presence in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune are proud to offer broadband and WiFi solutions which are designed to cater to every need. For our campus networking WiFi solutions we use mesh technology to connect the entire campus that makes it easier for you to manage and maintain – even if one of the access points fail, the other access points in the mesh take over provisioning of Internet bandwidth. It also comes with in-built bandwidth management tool and it also includes firewalling, authentication, authorization, and billing of the usage. Our solution provides up to 54 mbps connectivity, which is more than sufficient for most business needs. It offers strong encryption using 2048 bit keys. Our solution can cover hundreds of square miles using dozens of access points.