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Given the modern business scenario, there is often a need for multiple parties situated across the globe to hold meetings. Traveling to a common meeting place can be impractical. Audio conferencing is the ideal solution which allows multiple parties to connect at the same time using devices such as phones or computers. Conferencing service providers also offer many attractive features that increase the convenience of the participants during and after the call.

Connect personnel across diverse locations

All businesses/enterprises which need to connect personnel across diverse locations regularly can benefit greatly from this solution. This solution is ideal for project update meetings, sales update meetings, financial meetings, public corporations can use them for earnings meetings with stock analysts, regular team meetings, meetings between employees across different locations, training sessions and so on.

Prohibitive Costs and duration extension problems

Not having the right service provider can lead to many failed or unsuccessful calls. Non availability of local numbers across all locations can cause inconvenience and increase the costs involved. Lack of moderation facilities which enable the call to proceed smoothly can cause problems during the call. With certain service providers you will not have the facility of extending the duration of the call without prior scheduling and this can also be a problem.

Convenient Audio Conferencing solutions

We ensure that the solution we provide is easy to use and increases your convenience factor significantly. VIVA Communications offers solutions which factor in all the important considerations with relation to conferencing. We offer a portal from where the initiator of the call can control everything about the conferencing infrastructure including creation of multiple conference rooms, scheduling, inviting, controlling and generation of reports upon call completion. We also offer the convenience of local DID numbers at all participant countries and bridging them with the audio server for a seamless conference.